The Village Players - Timeless drama for today
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The Village Players are a Christian Performing Arts troupe dedicated to the creative expression of hope and faith through music and drama. They are also dedicated to providing assistance to community organizations who focus on making the world a better place.

Our Christmas Gift to the Community for 2017 is

(Nuestro regalo a la comunidad en 2017)

Santa's Christmas Shorts

(Cortos de "Santa")

That's right. The performance is free admission! Performance time is 3 p.m. on December 10, 2017 in The Village Hall, home of Walla Walla University's Drama department located on College Avenue across the street from the university's administration building. Bring all your friends to the Sunday afternoon matinee! See our upcoming performance page for more details.

(No hay ningún costo por el rendimiento. El programa comienza a las 15.00 horas del domingo 10 de diciembre, en "Village Hall" en el campus de la Universidad de Walla Walla. Village Hall se encuentra en la Avenida College junto a la librería universitaria en la universidad. Reúna a todos sus amigos!)

For information about group ticket discounts (minimum: 10) write us on our contact page. The perfect New Years' or Christmas present for friends, employees, business clients. You may also write to: [email protected]

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